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A work in Progress, funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education's Office of Migrant Education

                                    Migrant Education Technology Projects

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Migrant Education Technology Projects

    Six New Migrant Education Technology Grants Announced!
       Press release for six five-year grants totalling $18 Million!

    Update: Linking_Learning
       Information and progress reports on the migrant education technology projects.

    U.S. Department of Education: Office of Migrant Education
        Funding source for the six new Migrant Education Programs, with information on
        additional  Migrant Education programs.

Migrant Education Technology Project Web Sites:

    Barry University MECHA Project

    Kentucky Migrant Technology Project

    Anchor School Project

     Synergy - Michigan's Migrant Technology Project





Migrant Education Technology Resources

     Electronic Student Portfolios Tutorial
        Students at the Mt. Edgecumbe School in Sitka, Alaska have created an
        outstanding model site for electronic student portfolios, and have written a
        quality tutorial to help you get yours started! Click on Electronic Portfolios.

     New Generation System
         An electronic information transfer system for migrant students featuring
         education and health records. Subscriptions required. Excellent System!

     Electronic Student Portfolios
         Tammy Worcester has created a simple tutorial for basic student electronic portfolios.

     Articles on Electronic Portfolios from ASCD
         Several basic articles on using electronic portfolios for students and teachers.

     Wireless Solutions: Old Colorado City Communications
        Dave Hughes (dave@oldcolo.com ) has linked multiple low-income Hispanic      
        communities in Colorado's San Luis Valley using wireless systems through a
        National Science Foundation grant.. His son, David Jr.  (david@oldcolo.com)
        has helped  USWEST create mobile wireless LAN's for travelling computer
        training labs. You won't believe the stories they can tell!

A Three Minute Language Translation Tutorial:

Translate this site from:

        Click on the translate button above and:

              1. Type in any line of text in English and click on the translate English to Spanish button for an

                  instant translation! Select other languages from the menu; (Click on the black down arrow.)

              2. Type any URL (web address) in the box and click on the translate 
                  "English to Spanish"  button. Pretty neat and fast isn't it!

               3. Using cut and paste, put an email letter in the box and click on the translate button for instant

               4.  You can put this, or similar, simple buttons on ANY web page so readers  can pick their             
                    favorite language to read any web page. Also, you can  cut and paste the above box
               onto any  web page so you and your students will aways have it handy to translate web pages
                    for you. See the Language Translation links in the K-100 Curriculum Section for details.

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