LoneEagleLogosmall.jpg (2622 bytes)  Graduate Credit Online Courses for Educators
                   Taught by Frank Odasz

Recommended as a first course
for those with minimal to intermediate Internet experience:

                   ED 567E:
              Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction

        Alaska Pacific University Three Semester Credit Version
                     A hands-on course on how to broker the best resources for your classroom. The fast track to
                     practical skills for online searching, creating web-based curriculum with minimal technical skills
                     and direct hands-on experiences with the best K12 resources on the web!

                EDTE 5172:
              Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction

                      Seattle Pacific University Five Quarter Credit Version
                      http://lone-eagles.com/spu1.htm  Same description as above course.

Text for the above course(s):

        Common Ground:
        A Cross-Cultural Self-Directed Learner's Internet Guide
           An instructional brokerage resource with emphasis on pointing to the best online tutorials,
           and educational resources, on the Internet for self-directed learning. This is the text for the
           online course  "Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction."

         Echoes in the Electronic Wind:
         A Native American Cross-cultural Internet Guide
   This is a Native American version of the Common Ground Guide, (above)
           containing identical resources, with the addition of over 20 pages of carefully
           reviewed Native American resources listed by topic. Emphasis is on how
           other Native Americans are benefiting from a wide variety of web-based applications.

Recommended as the second course
or for those with intermediate to advanced Internet experience

           ED 567F: Designing K-12 Internet Instruction
   Alaska Pacific University 3 Semester Credit Version
           A hands-on course on how to easily create Internet hotlists, web-tours,
           lessonplans, project-based learning activities (Webquest, Cyberfair,
           Thinkquest) and complete online courses using online web tools.

These courses are the best "Fast-Track' online courses
possible based on over ten years of teaching educators online. These courses utilize the best free web tools, Internet resources, and the best hands-on experiences to make the very best possible use of your precious and limited time.

You're welcome to review these alternative online course sources:
            K-12 Courses http://lone-eagles.com/courses.htm
            Professional Development Courses http://lone-eagles.com/self.htm

Online Non-credit Self-directed 'Fast-track' Courses for Citizens

A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet
                   A shorter easier version of the online course "Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies"
                   designed for youth in particular.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies
                   Over 200 pages of resources including a ten lesson online course on what's working
                   for others like you regarding rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies. Includes lessons
                   on the essential Internet skills required for Ecommerce, Telework and Self-directed Internet